ZEN Wearable Negative Ion Diffuser - Blue

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Product Overview

Introducing the world’s no. 1 first negative ion necklace to enable essential oil use so you can breathe easy with your favorite scent. Small, portable, and incredibly sophisticated, this wearable cleans the ambient air around you with high filtration efficiency so that no matter where you are—you are in a safe, fragrant bubble.

Featuring a long-lasting, rechargeable battery, this lightweight, silent necklace is specifically designed to remove airborne pollutants, viruses, pollen, molds, cigarette smoke, and dust mites from your personal space.

Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the specially designed disc for a purifying and relaxing aroma while the negative ions emitted from the necklace protect your health.


• Cleans the air of atomic-sized pollutions (eg virus, pollen, smoke, molds, and dust mites).
• Have 99.9% PM2.5 and pollen removal performance.
• Generates 19 million/cm3 negative ion.
• Certified for Class 5 ion emission by the Japan Association of Ion Research & Application (JAIRA).
• Creates a 3-foot sphere of cleaner and healthier air around your head.
• 100% ozone-free, no harmful for humans.
• Silent in operation.
• Energy-efficient technology provides 10hours of run time on one charge.
• Easily charged by included USB cable.
• A strap is included to let you freely wear it around your neck.

How long does essential oil last on a refill pad?

The length of time that essential oil lasts on the refill pad depends on how much of oil you are using and what type of oil you are using. 2-3 drops might last for 2-3 hours.

What’s inside the packaging?

Includes a rechargeable battery, ion wearable with cord, a designed disc for essential oil absorption, USB charger and a bag for safekeeping.


• Product Size: 75mmx34mmx19.5mm
• Battery Capacity: 200mah
• Working Time: >10 hours
• Coverage Area: 20cm2
• Product Material: Aluminium + PP + ABS

*Essential oil sold separately.


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