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Product Overview

The Aero SM uses air atomization technology to nebulize small particles without the need for water, in what we call anhydrous nano-aroma technology. Simply insert a bottle of essential oil directly into the diffuser to atomize it into the air using nothing but air pressure.

SEASONS’ multi-patented silent nebulization technology means our diffusers are quieter, longer-lasting, and more efficient than other diffusers out there.

The diffuser can be charged using the supplied USB-C cable or the optional SEASONS charging base, plugged into any standard 5V charging plug. To reduce carbon emissions and do our part to protect the environment, SEASONS diffusers no longer come with charging plugs included.

Premium leather straps are available to purchase and can be attached to your diffuser. They come in two lengths – a long shoulder strap and a shorter handle strap – for a fragrance experience you can take with you anywhere.

How to use

SEASONS diffusers work by extracting the essential oil straight from the bottle, without the need for water. Simply insert an essential oil bottle (5 ml, 10 ml or 15 ml) into the diffuser, or pour the essential oil directly into the included 15 ml essential oil bottle, then select your desired duration and output.


Serial no.: SSAW-002
Type: Atomizing Diffuser
Color: Sage Green
Product Size: φ90*155mm
Capacity: 5ml-10ml-15ml essential oil bottle
Weight: 795g
Working Time: 1 / 2 / 5hrs
Battery Life: Up to 12 hours
Material: Resin + PP
Power: DC5V
Coverage Area: Up to 1200 sq.-ft.

Product Manual

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