Stop Smoking Pastilles

Stop Smoking Pastilles


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Product Overview

Pastilles with Bach flower essences and lemon essential oil. These delicious pastilles, with a licorice and anise flavour, will alleviate pains, bring comfort and relief in moments of shock, crisis or sudden difficulties.

Taste: lemon / lemon balm, no added sugar.

A unique composition of Bach flowers:

Aigremony: Helps eliminate the automatic gesture of smoking.

Chestnut bud: Helps to break the infernal cycle of addiction.

Centaury: Gives the strength to say "no", and not to crack.

Impatiens: Allows you to relax and unwind.

Walnut: Makes less permeable and sensitive to the object of temptation.

Elm: To help not be overwhelmed by his urges, to be confident.

Cherry plum: Promotes self-control and resistance to fear of re-immersion.

Lemon essential oil: Purifying and toning, it relaxes and stops nerve agitation.

Box of 45 g with approximately 45 tablets


Gum arabic, Sorbitol, Maltitol, lemon balm, lemon essential oil, citric acid, citrus citric acid, tobacco leaf essences (Aigremoine, Chestnut bud, Centaurea, Impatiens, Walnut, Elm, Prunus) Vegetable oil, carnauba wax. May contain traces of eggs, nuts and wheat. "Excessive intake may cause laxative effects." Keep dry between 18 ° and 20 °.

Usage Tips

Easy to carry in its bag, the pastilles can be taken daily as 4 per day.

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