What Essential Oils are good for the flu?

Malaysia’s influenza rates are almost comparable with worldwide rates, with estimates ranging from 7-12% of the study population. Data was collected from July 2018 to February 2019, with 350 subjects enrolled (247 from Hospital Selayang and 103 from University Malaya Medical Centre, both in Selangor).

Unfortunately, flu viruses are constantly changing and mutating, which makes it hard for researchers to develop effective medications.

As a result, natural remedies such as essential oils are increasingly popular.

Traditional healthcare practitioners have used essential oils for centuries to treat many ailments.

Today, essential oils are used in a variety of ways, from making cosmetics smell good to improving quality of life for people with cancer.

Some claims about the effects of essential oils are anecdotal, but many studies are beginning to confirm that some oils can help fight or prevent the flu.

Researchers are exploring both the effectiveness of essential oils for flu treatment and the best ways to apply these oils.

Research has found that the following essential oils have significant anti-influenza virus properties:

Researchers have found that a commercial blend of essential oils significantly reduced the influenza virus’ ability to spread. The flu can be a serious and even life-threatening condition. However, using essential oils for flu symptoms is definitely a good choice.