Why is it so important to cleanse, tone & moisturize?

Why is it so important to cleanse, tone & moisturize?

Our skin goes through lots of aggressions on a daily basis. Everybody’s skin reacts to stress in different ways – from dryness to excessive shine, sensitivity to acne, these symptoms are simply your skin’s way of calling out for help.

Instead of piling on multiple skincare products to try and remedy the situation (which often backfires and results in worse negative reactions), the best thing to do is to go back to basics. We’ve always believed that plants hold the answers to many of skin’s mysteries. When your skin is acting up, a pared-down, simplified skincare routine will help to rebalance the complexion and put you on the right track towards healing.

Even from a young age – especially during one’s teenage years – a three-step skincare routine helps to keep skin in its best condition. That’s why this month, we’d like to remind everyone that it’s important to practice these three key steps!

Cleanse + Tone + Moisturize = Healthy Skin


CLEANSE: Choose your cleanser depending on your skin’s needs. Normal to oily skin types fare better with a foaming cleanser to remove excess shine and balance moisture levels, while dry or mature skin types might want to consider a cleansing milk, cream or balm – which gently cleanses as it nourishes.


TONE: Using a cotton pad, gently apply toner all over face and neck. This helps to thoroughly remove and leftover traces of makeup or impurities and give your skin the first dose of moisture.

#NYRBeautyTip: Need a moisture boost? Soak cotton pads with alcohol-free toner and place them on your cheeks!


MOISTURIZE: Light, fluid-type moisturizers work great during the day, keeping skin comfortably hydrated without any weight. For night time, opt for a richer-textured cream or balm which prevents moisture loss (if you sleep with the air con on) and works double time to help you skin repair itself while you zzz!

#NYRBeautyTip: Store your moisturizer in the fridge – this not only helps your organic products stay fresher for longer, but also instantly reduces redness and inflammation.

Find your perfect match!

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