How to Make a Bath Lover’s Christmas

How to Make a Bath Lover’s Christmas

Shower them with stocking fillers to soothe the soul, or go all-out with a Christmas gift set to up the ante on the self-care ritual they just wouldn’t be without...

We’ve all got a friend or family member who adores bathing above all else, and winter is the season when they come into their own. They seize the opportunity to wile away dark, cold evenings with a long and leisurely soak; there’s really nowhere else they’d rather be. But it’s Christmas time the bath lover really looks forward to, when their nearest and dearest shower them with treats to make their favourite pastime all the more special. To tick the enthusiastic bather off your list, look no further than our tailored bath gift guide.

Stocking Filler Christmas Bath Gifts

Perfectly stocking-sized and sure to delight, bath gifts, by nature, make the perfect Christmas stocking fillers. There’s something here for everyone, so cherry-pick your gift to make it more personal, showing the lucky recipient you really know them well. 

Calming Aromatherapy Candle

To make their soak momentous, the mood should be just right. A well-selected candle will keep the ambience burning, so look no further than our Calming Aromatherapy Candle, which scents their space accordingly with soothing and comforting notes of rose and geranium.

Beauty Sleep Foaming Bath

Nothing says indulgence like a bath full of bubbles. With a medley of sleep-inducing botanicals, our  Beauty Sleep Foaming Bath is the perfect gift for any pre-bedtime bather – helping ease stress and aches and pains, preparing the mind and body for sleep. 

Rose Body Cream

Post-bath body care is just as important as the event itself – all that nourishing goodness needs sealing in with lashings of hydration. Rose Body Cream contains deeply hydrating pure organic butters, regenerative oils of rose and cedarwood, and a divine floral scent that makes skin look and feel reborn.

Quiet Time Tea

Here’s one that might really surprise them. What better way to round off the ultimate act of relaxation than with a herbal brew? Whether they bathe morning, noon or night, our Quiet Time blend is formulated by our herbal experts with fragrant rose buds, sweet lime flower and calming chamomile, for the ultimate post-bath indulgence. 

Christmas Bath Gift Sets

For the one who’s gone above and beyond this year, or someone you really want to treat, choose something out of the ordinary with our generous bath gift bundles. From bath and body duos that fit the mood to limited-edition Christmas collections, take your pick and guarantee their best-ever bathing routine.