Essential Oils: What They Haven't Told You

Essential Oils: What They Haven't Told You

What is Organic?

The definition of Organic is: The use of food or plant produced without the Eemployment of chemically formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or pesticides.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oil is the natural fragrance that is extracted from different things in nature. Things such as berries, fruit, roots, flowers, or bark. They are approximately 75 times more concentrated than dried herbs so a little goes a long way.

Why Neal's Yard Remedies?

Not only we use Natural and Organic ingredients but we use the doubt rule and never use anything that is unheard of in their products. We are Fair Trade and Fair Wild and care not only for our customers but for the plant as well. We are the only company in the World to have received 100% in Ethics.

How are Essential Oils produced?

Essential oils are produced in 3 ways. They are Steam Distilled, Extracted, or Expressed.

How should Essential Oils be used?
1. Massage:

You can mix essential oils with a base such as coconut oil or an unscented lotion. This is great for relieving stress or aches and pains.

2. Baths/Showers:

You can add a few drops to your bath or shower for more relaxing or awakening sensation.

3. Diffusion: [SHOP DIFFUSERS]

You can diffuse them in the diffuser for an aromatic experience. They will fragrant your entire house and enlighten your mood.

Benefits of essential oils:


We also have pre mixed oils if you prefer essential are more than just one scent. Some options include: Calming, Cleanse, De-Stress, Focus, Night Time, Optimism,

and Vitality Aromatherapy.