Pastilles with Bach flower essences and lemon essential oil. These delicious pastilles, with a licorice and anise flavour, will alleviate pains, bring comfort and relief in moments of shock, crisis or sudden difficulties.

Taste: lemon / lemon balm, no added sugar.

A unique composition of Bach flowers:

Aigremony: Helps eliminate the automatic gesture of smoking.

Chestnut bud: Helps to break the infernal cycle of addiction.

Centaury: Gives the strength to say "no", and not to crack.

Impatiens: Allows you to relax and unwind.

Walnut: Makes less permeable and sensitive to the object of temptation.

Elm: To help not be overwhelmed by his urges, to be confident.

Cherry plum: Promotes self-control and resistance to fear of re-immersion.

Lemon essential oil: Purifying and toning, it relaxes and stops nerve agitation.

Box of 45 g with approximately 45 tablets

Stop Smoking Pastilles

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    • Helps to get rid of the pressure of smoking and support the will.

      Lemon flavour, sugar free.

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