For those who are facing a shock, a crisis or sudden difficulties and for those who want to get ready for a challenging situation. Brings a rapid comfort, alleviates pain, gives strength.


Organic Bach flower essences based on the original Rescue remedy ® created by Dr Bach : 
Clematis : Stimulates concentration and attention.
Star of Bethlehem : Brings comfort and consolation.
Scleranthus : Helps find a balance, a resolution.
Rock rose : Soothes, helps find courage to face problems.
Impatiens : Helps be more indulgent, sympathetic.
Crab apple : Helps get rid of intrusive thoughts.
Cherry plum : Brings back inner peace.

Essential oils : 
Sclary sage : Relaxes, helps relieve pressure.
Exotic verbena : Calms nervous agitation.
Mint : Relaxes and helps.

Urgency roll-on

SKU: 60005
    • Urgency Roll-on (10ml)

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