For those who live under pressure and hyperactivity. Brings tranquillity, peace of mind and serenity, helps relax.

Organic Bach flower essences : 
Agrimony : Improves expression and self esteem.
Oak : Brings calm, helps to let go.
Impatiens : Helps to be more indulgent, more sympathetic.
White chestnut : Brings mental calm.
Pine : Helps get rid of intrusive thoughts.
Crab apple : Helps get rid of intrusive thoughts.
Vervain : Brings calm and tranquility.

Essential oils :
Lavandin : Relaxes mind and body.
Geranium : Helps to rebalance.
Rosemary : Helps to face & overcome stress.
Field mint : Regenerates ideas.

Stress roll-on

SKU: 060004
    • Stress roll-on (10ml)

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