To spend a peaceful night, the Sleep roll-on will help you to relax before falling asleep.

Bach flowers that invite calm and appeasement:

Star of Bethlehem: to recover from the various shocks suffered, comfort.

White chestnut: to appease a tumultuous mind.

Red chestnut: to less worry and fear for others.

Aspen: not to be afraid of the unknown, of the future ... and dismiss obsessive thoughts.

Vervain: to relieve the pressure of an overworked mind.  



Warming and cosy essential oils:

Amyris: relaxes tensions and promotes good mood.

Soft orange: restores good humor and optimism.

Green mandarin: calming, it promotes the falling asleep.

Neroli: gives serenity to the spirit.  

A roll-on with Bach flowers & essential oils to naturally relieve the daily state of minds. Practical, it slips into the pocket or the purse to carry it everywhere and never separate from it.

Sleep roll-on

SKU: 060003
    • Sleep roll-on (10ml)

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