For those who feel down or experience sadness. Helps come out of the dark tunnel and find happiness again.

Organic Bach flower essences : 
Gorse : Helps find a more positive behavior.
Sweet chestnut : Helps regain a dynamic behavior.
Star of Bethlehem : Brings comfort and consolation.
Wild rose : Allows acceptance and forgiveness.
Gentian : Helps regain optimism.
Mustard : Helps put things into perspective.
Willow : Helps regain interest in simple things.

Essential oils :
Petitgrain : Reassures and warms the heart.
Lemongrass : Helps to be positive. To retrieve energy.
Geranium : Lightens the day & restores the joy of living.
Sweet majoram : Relieves anxiety.
Sandalwood : Balances & focuses

Depression roll-on

SKU: 060006
  • Depression roll-on 10ml

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