The roll-on Children will help to bring calm to the agitated, nervous, capricious, sulky or chagrined children.

Bach flowers that help calm restless children :

Star of Bethlehem: calms the shocks, helps the consolation of children who have sorrows and sorrows.

Willow: calm whimpering, whining, sulking.

Holly: helping appease children angry, angry.

Impatiens: promotes the return to calm of the nervous children.

Vervain: helps the tranquility of excessive children, too excited.   

Reassuring and cheerful essential oils :

Clementine: soothes and procures calm.

Soft orange: relaxes tensions and promotes good mood.

Red mandarin: gives cheerfulness.

Litsea cubeba: relax deeply.

A roll-on with Bach flowers & essential oils to naturally relieve the daily state of minds. Practical, it slips into the pocket or the purse to carry it everywhere and never separate from it.


Children roll-on

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    • Children roll-on (10ml)

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