A unique alliance between herbal medicine and Bach flowers for those who feel overworked, live under pressure at work and lead family life and professional life.

This cure of 20 phials will promote an absolute relaxation.


Our exclusive blend of Bach flowers:

Agrimony: To promote expression and self-esteem.

Oak: Invite to calm, letting go.

Impatient: Help with indulgence, sympathy.

White chestnut: Help with mental calm.

Pin: Helps to clear the burden of guilt.

Wild apple tree: Helps to relativize parasitic thoughts.

Verbena: Brings back to calm and tranquility.



Our blend of plant active ingredients:

Hawthorn: Reduces nervousness, treats anxiety.

Ginseng: Contributes to stress resistance.

Rhodiolia: Helps the body to adapt to stress, to resist it.

Bacopa: Helps to limit nervous disorde

Food Supplement for Stress

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  • Food Supplement for Stress - 20 glass ampoules

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