Organic Pre-Natal Massage

 The constant changes in your body and posture, combined with extra weight of a growing baby, will affect your wellbeing.


Pre-Natal specially designed to alleviate the discomfort experienced by expecting mothers, this ultra-pampering massage also improves skin elasticity and prevents the onset of stretch marks.

Featuring a special House Blend of all-natural and certified-organic oils (lavender, mandarin, neroli and calendula), feel your discomfort melt away as Eve at Eight therapists work their magic touch on your tired body. 

10 benefits of Pre-Natal Massages

1. Reduce anxiety & improve mood.
2. Relieve muscle aches.
3. Alleviate body stiffness.
4. Improve labour outcome.
5. Regulate hormone levels for more stable moods.
6. Reduce fluid accumulation.
7. Promote lymphatic drainage.
8. Provide pain relief when medication is not recommended.
9. Reduce possibility of stretch marks.
10. Help improve sleep quality.

NYR's Tip:

This massage is only suitable for expecting mothers between

weeks 24 - 34 of pregnancy

Organic Pre-Natal Massage

(105 mins)


  • 1st TRIAL, 1 SESSION

  • 4+1 SESSIONS

  • 8+2 SESSIONS





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