Wild Rose Beauty Balm is a one-pot wonder for all!

A woman juggles many roles in life and work. Even though our lives give us so much joy and contentment, there are just some things that we wish came with shortcuts. Like an all-in-one solution that soothes, cures and cares, so that we are able to spend our precious minutes on those who really matter.

Something that you reach for, even without needing to think about it.

Something that your family members know to look for, when you’re busy tending to other important tasks.

Something that everyone can use without worrying, especially if you have little ones with curious hands.

Say hello to Wild Rose Beauty Balm!

Made from 99% organic ingredients and 100% natural, this one-pot wonder is a lifesaver for all skin types. The light golden balm contains Rosehip Seed Oil, rich in pro-vitamin A and vitamin E to give your skin all sorts of benefits!

Top 5 Favourite Uses for Wild Rose Beauty Balm

  1. Exfoliating cleanser: Use with the enclosed organic muslin cloth for an exfoliating radiance boost! Apply to dry skin and massage gently, then wipe off with the cloth.

  2. Intense moisture booster: After cleansing, massage a pea-sized amount of Wild Rose Beauty Balm into skin to keep moisturised. It’s suitable for both face and body!

  3. Balancing facial mask: Apply Wild Rose Beauty Balm to clean skin. Steam-infuse by covering your face with a hand-hot damp muslin cloth for 10 minutes. If your skin is exceptionally dry, for a further 30 minutes.

  4. Nurturing lip balm: Nourishes lips to help prevent dryness and chapping. Spread a generous amount directly onto lips and leave overnight. You can even use it as a lip treatment while enjoying your face mask me-time!

  5. Nourishing nail saver: Massage into the cuticles to encourage strong nail growth. Use regularly on fingers and toes to prevent dryness and peeling.

Top 5 Favourite Uses for Wild Rose Beauty Balm

  1. Hair treatment: Warm a small amount in your palms and apply to the lengths and ends of dry hair to keep frizzies and flyaways at bay.

  2. Overnight mask: After cleansing, toning and moisturizing, seal in all the goodness of your beauty routine with a final application of Wild Rose Beauty Balm. Wake up to well-rested, radiant skin!

  3. Complexion enhancer: For a naturally sunkissed effect, dot a tiny amount of Wild Rose Beauty Balm on cheekbones, right on top of your blusher. You can also pre-mix some with liquid blusher/bronzer on the back of your hand and apply on your face.

  4. Heal bumps and scrapes: Rosehip Seed Oil is known for its healing properties. Rub some onto minor scratches and grazes to promote faster recovery, especially for active little ones!

  5. Eyebrow tamer: Unruly, messy eyebrows be gone! Use a spoolie brush to pick up some Wild Rose Beauty Balm and brush your eyebrows for a neater effect.

How else do you use this award-winning cult favourite product? Let us know!

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