Let’s keep our oceans plastic-free!

Let’s keep our oceans plastic-free!

Plastic waste is a huge issue in the modern world; we use so much plastic without even realizing it!

While shopping at the grocery store, almost all fresh veggies come in plastic cases or bagsHaving your favourite coffee or bubble tea to-go? It comes in a plastic cup!Even when buying clothes, many items on the packaging (like sleeves and tags) contain plastic.

Think carefully – when was the last time you bought something that didn’t come with some sort of plastic?

Neal’s Yard Remedies recognizes this problem, and here’s what we’re currently doing:

We mostly use glass bottles and jars (in our signature, UV-protective deep blue colour!), except for where weight and safety dictate. For example, glass can be dangerous in the shower. But for where we do use plastic, we’ve set targets with the UK Plastics Pact that by 2025, 100% of our packaging will be recyclable, compostable or reusable.

Our mission towards creating zero waste is driven by repurposing by-products that still have value and using them. Take our bestselling Frankincense Intense Lift range, which uses a by-product of frankincense essential oil distillation called our Active Phyto Complex, made with a patented enzymatic process. Not only does this cut down on resource use; they often create additional revenue streams for farmers!

You know the scrubby bits commonly found in exfoliating products? The cheapest ingredient comes in the form of – yes, you guessed it – plastic. These tiny spheres of non-biodegradable plastic are so small, they flow down the drains and into the ocean. Because they’re so small, they end up getting ingested by marine life like fish, squid, shells etc. And who eats seafood? Us.

Ever since day one, Neal’s Yard Remedies has been using natural exfoliating ingredients such as crushed seeds and nut shells. Never microbeads. We’ve also lobbied the UK government to #BanTheBead across all cosmetics sold in the UK, and are now looking to expand the ban worldside.

So, the next time you’re thinking of buying something, whether it’s food, clothing or cosmetics – look at the bigger picture. Can you generate less waste? What are you doing to help save the world we live in?

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Come do good and feel good with us!