How to prevent your hands from aging

Before reading on, let’s take a good look at your hands. How do they look?

Did you know?

The skin on the backs of your hands is especially thin. It has hardly any fatty tissue and less sweat glands – that’s why it can’t stay moisturized by itself.

On your palms and knuckles, the skin is thicker, but it remains hair-free – and the skin here does not have any sebaceous glands. This is also why it can’t stay moisturized by itself.

That’s why your hands show the first signs of visible aging, sooner than other parts of the body!

We often invest a lot of time, effort and money on our face and neck, but what about for our hands? Isn’t there something that we can do to prevent our hands from aging faster than the rest of us?

: How to prevent your hands from premature aging

1.) Avoid using too-hot water when doing chores.

Hot water is especially harsh on the delicate skin on your hands – choose room temperature or slightly cold water instead!

2.) Wear gloves when doing the gardening or heavy washing.

Every woman’s home should have two types of gloves: thick cotton ones (for the garden) and sturdy rubber ones (for heavy washing, especially when bleach is involved). Don’t forget to put them on!

3.) Apply sunscreen on your arms and hands.

Prevent the onset of lines and spots by protecting skin with a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Don’t like having to juggle with bottles? A spray-type is perfect for on-the-go reapplications!

4.) Keep a hand serum by your bedside table.

Before you to go bed, and as part of your morning routine, a hand serum does a whole lot of good for your hands. Set aside 5 minutes to stay in touch with your inner being, and love yourself a little more than usual.

Specially-developed to complement our bestselling Frankincense Intense skincare line, this hand serum is everything that your hands have ever dreamed of, and more. 99.3% natural and 93% organic, it is enriched with restoring Ribose, reviving Narcissus Extract and antioxidant Organic Rosehip Seed Oil.

The star ingredient: the iconic Frankincense Essential Oil, of course – sustainably sourced from the Dhofar region of Oman, the precious resin harvested from the Boswellia sacra trees is deeply relaxing.

DIY Mindful Hand Ritual

Every morning and evening, take time off to be one with your inner self. Three simple steps is all you need:

Pump a small amount of hand serum onto the backs of your hands and gently massage them together. Massage through the tips of the fingers, paying attention to your nails, until fully-absorbed. Place your hands close to your nose and inhale the relaxing aroma in long, deep breaths.

Every day, do something for you; enjoy a bit of me-time with Frankincense Intense Hand Treatment Serum!

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